© Jeff Goldberg/Esto
January 4, 2016
Jeff Goldberg / DUST on Architizer

Today Architizer features a group of desert and mountain retreats, including the project designed by DUST and photographed by Jeff Goldberg.

© Albert Vecerka/Esto
December 28, 2015
2015 New York AIA Awards

Albert Vecerka photographed three New York City AIA award-winning projects including a school in Baltimore for Rogers Partners and two buildings by Weiss/Manfredi.

© David Sundberg/Esto, © Albert Vecerka/Esto
December 28, 2015
2015 New York State AIA Awards
The Henderson-Hopkins School with photographs by Albert Vecerka won the Best in State Award for the architects, Rogers Partners. The Blue Ribbon in that competition! And David Sundberg photographed H3 ...more
© David Sundberg/Esto
December 3, 2015
Gray Organschi Bridge, Photographed by David Sundberg
David Sundberg was pleased to collaborate with Gray Organschi and photograph their Steep Rock Footbridge in Washington Depot, Connecticut. Providing access to the Steep Rock nature conservancy, the bridge “introduces ...more
© Thomas Seely
December 3, 2015
David Sundberg, Photographing Gray Organschi Bridge

To make the photograph of Gray Organschi’s Steep Rock Footbridge, in Washington Depot, Connecticut, David Sundberg went wading in the creek. Thomas Seely captured the process.

© Christopher Payne/Esto
December 1, 2015
Chris Payne at FeatureShoot.com
Chris Payne’s TEXTILE project is online at FeatureShoot.com. Payne’s recent images of New England textile mills include functioning and abandoned facilities. Strong visual images convey an understanding of the process, the machinery ...more
© Striped Architect
November 20, 2015
OHNY Photo Competition

Erica Stoller was a member of the unified and (almost) unanimous jury for the OHNY Photo Competition.

Impressive group of entries. Award-winners look great.

© Michael Vahrenwald/Esto
November 12, 2015
Michael Vahrenwald: MOS in Chicago
Michael Vahrenwald photographed the Corridor House at the Chicago Architecture Biennial. Designed by MOS Architects, the plywood 1:1 prototype is a consideration of the single family house with the possibility ...more
© Christopher Payne/Esto for the NY Times
November 3, 2015
Chris Payne in NY Times Magazine
Chris Payne’s photographs accompany a piece in The New York Times Magazine on September 13th about the National Robotics Engineering Center at Carnegie Mellon University. (CHIMP stands for ”C.M.U. ...more
© Christopher Payne/Esto
November 2, 2015
Chris Payne/Esto
We are pleased to announce that the photographer Chris Payne is now with Esto. Trained as an architect, Payne concentrates on self-generated projects and commissioned photo assignments. In describing his work, ...more